Astounding Industry Secrets for Men

Guys put away those ear & nose trimmers and tweezers that are barely a short term fix for those annoying hairs that tend to pop out of unwanted places at the most inconvenient times.  Did you know that trimming tends to keep the hair thick and coming back strong?  For some, in only a few short days you will be back at it.

Let´s talk Nostril and Ear Waxing for a moment.  You can actually wax away those little buggers by removing them from the roots, and have them eliminated for 2-4 weeks, coming in sparce and finer.  How do I go about this you ask?

Here at O.C. Wax Bar, your Waxing Specialist will discuss the services so that you fully understand what to expect.   It´s Not at all the painful experience you may imagine it to be!  In fact I hear from my clients that it wasn´t bad  at all.  Some actually fall asleep during the ear wax,  even in the short time it takes.  Your waxing specialist will apply a small amount of wax on a little wax stick similar to the size of a tooth pick, or some will use a q-tip.  She will apply it to one area at a time, press it in to the area to be sure and get all of the hair at the root. Once the wax begins to harden, with care and technique, she will pull out the wax, roots and all.

You will feel more confident and clean after these waxing services.  A little secret for you guys………many ladies get their nostril hairs waxed also.  You may already know this if you have been referred by one of your female friends or a family member.  I assure you, once you wax these two areas, you will Not go back to trimming.

I look forward to seeing you real soon here at O.C. Wax Bar for all of your skincare and hair removal needs!

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