News Flash: Sleep Deprivation Wreaks Havoc on Skin

Have you ever gone into work and feel like putting your head down and applying sticky notes with wide open eyes on them to appear more awake than you feel because you did not get a restful night of sleep?  I can guarantee you are not alone on this.

Did you know that a few nights of restless sleep can effect your brain and your skin?  Chronic sleep deprivation leads to early signs of aging, sallow skin, dark circles, and puffiness under your eyes, not to mention lack of concentration and brain fog.  The time we spend sleeping is more active than we realize. Our mind and body enters a biological regenerative mode while we sleep. It clears out waste products and ramps up its production of protective brain cells, consolidates memories to enhance problem solving and creativity.

Your skin follows a similar regenerative process.  In simple terms, restful sleep allows the body to make more collagen, minimize fine lines, and release human growth hormone, which increases muscle mass and strengthens skin.

As a clinical skincare professional, I cannot always convince my clients to get the recommended seven to eight hours of nightly sleep – but I can now recommend a product that helps them maximize the benefits from the sleep they do get.  Sound Sleep Cocoon is a transformative night gel-cream

Let me explain to you how this works, and why a night gel-cream.  By promoting a restful sleep with motion-activated encapsulated essential oils and targeting signs of skin fatigue with active ingredients, Sound Sleep Cocoon helps clients make the most of their sleep.  Sound Sleep Cocoon is beneficial for all skin conditions.  It reduces signs of skin fatigue, and restores vitality. It visibly increases radiance by morning, softens and hydrates skin, improves and brightens skin tone.  Sound Sleep Cocoon promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier looking skin.

I am an educator far more than I am a sales person.  My clients trust me to be honest with them.  I could not, nor would I be highlighting this product if I were not personally seeing and feeling significant results myself.  I invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation and try this product for yourself.  See it, feel it on your skin, smell it.

Much of this information is taken from Dermalogica´s transform by night, glow by day brochure, along with my personal recommendation.  I truly feel I would be doing you a disservice if I did not inform you on this Special night gel-cream and all of the Fabulous benefits that it has to offer!

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